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Alias ​​is innovation.

Absolute: the invisible revolution that changed the market. Absolute is the concealed hinge designed, built and patented by ALIAS since its debut in 2002. With its production ALIAS has revolutionized the concept of security door, redesigned as a product with high added value, in which the functional aspect and the aesthetics coexist and blend perfectly. In addition to being the ideal solution to make the home safer, ALIAS security doors are in all respects furnishing accessories, design elements capable of adapting to the atmosphere of the environments in which they are inserted, enhancing their balance and style. ALIAS has traced the lines and shapes of a successful product by creating ultra-flat armored doors with jambs and shutters that protrude minimally from the internal line of the wall.

Attention to the customer’s needs, his taste and his desires is also reflected in the offer of a very wide range of finishes and coatings, contemporary or traditional, in different materials. The goal is to give the customer maximum freedom of choice between different customizable proposals, in harmony with the furnishings of the house and with the interior doors.

Solidity, resistance, ability to last over time are essential requirements of a product that was created to make the home inviolable, defending the safety of those who live there.

For this reason, ALIAS armored doors are designed to ensure excellent performance from all points of view, from anti-burglary efficacy to noise reduction and thermal break values.

From the design phase to the installation of the door, each choice is guided by the goal of satisfying the customer’s needs with a product of the highest level. Thus, in all models, the door and frame structures are made of galvanized steel, the doors have double insulation and are equipped with patented systems that make installation easier, such as, for example, the automatic latch adjustment mechanism. .

In fact, many entrance doors are equipped with an electrified lock or electric strike for the latch opening by means of a remote impulse. Often the greatest difficulty for those who install this type of mechanism is in adjusting the door so that the installer is forced to make improbable solutions on the spot. In fact, sometimes the lock tends not to detach from the frame due to various factors such as the excessive weight of the door, the out-of-plumb walled counter frame or a too low current pulse.

Alias ​​has come up with a new technical solution that greatly facilitates the installer during the installation phase: it is a specially machined stainless steel plate that contains the electric strike and which allows it to be adjusted by simply acting on the adjustment screws. It also allows the latch of the lock to release from the door sliding easily. It is obvious that when it comes to armored doors, security is only guaranteed when the door is extracted.

All ALIAS products are equipped with anti-burglary, thermal transmittance and acoustic insulation certifications issued by the most important test institutes recognized in Europe. You can find our security doors in: Bergamo, Milan, Varese, Brescia, Genoa, Florence, Bologna, Ancona, Rome, Naples and many other cities. Discover all our dealers.