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Technology, continuous innovation, research and quality of materials are the distinctive elements of Vighi security doors. The company has been operating for over thirty-five years, a long tradition of experience and passion that has led it towards achieving ever new results of excellence. The prevailing themes of Vighi Security Doors research are: safety, design, comfort, reliability and flexibility of measures and customizations. Research and technological development are used in the production of armored doors with one and two wings, glass, with transom window, side window; in European cylinder and double bit locks, in electronic doors and in those with concealed hinges.

Vighi was one of the first manufacturers of armored doors to adopt the European cylinder and with his own innovative project made the cylinder and the lock unassailable. The doors are classified as anti-burglary in class 3-4, the most suitable for residential spaces and housing units, and today, with the door classified in class 5, the possibility of use in banks, jewelers, military spaces, embassies, residential buildings of great prestige. Vighi doors are safe, have good acoustic and thermal insulation, do not fear water and wind.